Our boutique is based at - 3, Queens Place, Hove, East Sussex, UK

At Born and Bred England we hand-make premium leather goods for men and women, our collection includes accessories, belts and luggage. Each and every product is designed and made by hand in our workshop in Brighton England.

Our products are designed with 4 principles in mind, style, practicality, simplicity and

We offer a lifetime guarantee, each leather item sold comes with a warranty card with a Born on date, Bred by (craftsman's name), id number and contact information.

Our brand was founded in 2009 by Paul de Nagy who is a self taught leather craftsman, originally from Brazil, it started organically after Paul was asked to make wallets for biker friends, he then started to develop a small range of wallets and accessories and as demand grew, so did the business.

We have a workshop and boutique in Brighton, England where customers can see products being made and browse the various goods on offer.

We offer a base collection of wallets, bags and accessories, sided by smaller capsule collections which include, travel sets, canvas luggage, a premium canine range and a range of cycling accessories.

Our Reason.

" Fashion is fleeting trends that very rarely last longer than a season, style....is eternal" this quote has always been a powerful mantra of mine. 50's Surf and skate culture have played a big part in my life, the style and lines in motion were an art form in the making, something that wasn't taught, but rather created in a split second of instinctual greatness.

These are the things that drive me to create, do and design.

Paul De Nagy